Top 6 Dairy Trends of 2019 (So Far)

woman with smoothie in grocery store

We’re all about trying the latest trends. Every year, tech companies hold conferences filled with news outlets and livestreams to announce to the earnest world the latest advances. Changes in other areas of your life don’t receive quite the hype of a new phone, though. Instead of CEOs in black turtlenecks, it takes foodies’ word of mouth to bring attention to new foods.

While you don’t think about it in your trips to the store, the dairy aisle has seen much innovation and change in recent years. The handful of milk products grew to fit every taste when Greek yogurt became the top breakfast food and brought a new wave of popularity to dairy. Now that we’ve gotten a taste of the meal options dairy brings, the dairy industry continues to innovate. Consider this the foodie update and read below for the 6 dairy trends you’ll see on your next grocery store run. 

Improving Digestion + 

Dairy is working to offer digestive wellness options. Probiotics found in yogurt, filtered milk, and drinkable yogurt better your digestive system, but you also gain the benefits of proteins and vitamins found in dairy. For those who are lactose intolerant, more dairy options are becoming available with reduced or no lactose. 

Protein Punch 

Whether you’re improving your workouts or simply looking for healthier alternatives, foods packed with protein are readily available. Protein builds and maintains muscles, but it also grows hair, nails, blood, connective tissue, antibodies, enzymes, and more! Milk is naturally packed with 8 grams of protein per 8 oz glass. Snacks with cheese are a quick way to add protein to your day, or try these tips to reach your daily protein goals. 

Less Sugar, More Yum 

Sugar makes food taste delicious, but it’s one of those ingredients that needs to be eaten in moderation. Reduced sugar options are rising, with natural sweeteners or sugars being added to foods like yogurt. Sweeter foods are being combined with salty or savory options for more taste with less sugar. Ice cream and yogurt have flavors with less sugar per serving, too. 

Healthy Fats 

Higher fat foods are back in style. Popular diets focus on avoiding carbs in favor of fats, and dairy is offering options. Foods with the natural fat content are less processed or include fewer additives. If you’re someone who enjoys healthy eating outside of the classic low-fat diet, options are expanding as more cheese varieties are available and butter is rising above margarine again. 

All the Snacks… 

You’re on the go. Finding time to prepare and sit down for a meal is a daily challenge, so when you need something light, your snack options need to be something ready to go with you. Skip the bag of chips. Yogurt drops and cheese-focused snacks are rising in popularity. The dairy aisle also offers breakfast on the go with drinkable yogurt and cottage cheese cups with toppings.

… and Some Indulgence 

Everyone craves. Perhaps it’s something sweet. Perhaps it’s something salty. Whatever you crave, the dairy aisle can give you that indulgence without feeling completely guilty. Reduced sugar, reduced-fat, or a throwback to childhood with a glass of flavored milk, a variety of delicious but healthy flavors are available to satisfy those cravings that you try to ignore, and that selection is continuing to grow. Because milk has as much calcium as 17 cups of kale, flavored milk is an indulgence that is healthy, too. Admit it, enjoying that glass guilt-free is a trend that should never end!

Don’t walk through the dairy aisle on autopilot because your foodie bestie hasn’t caught you up to date. That aisle is expanding as delicious creations are appearing in your grocery store. Add them to your cart and see what 2019 dairy trends are your favorite. Who knew groceries could be so exciting?

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