Top Three Uses for Milk Before it Expires

Southeast Dairy Association - almond mocha iced coffee

Is there anything worse? You have a gallon of milk in the fridge, half empty, and it’s quickly reaching its use-by date. Not to worry- you won’t have to throw it out. Here are three of my favorite ways to use  milk before it goes bad:


Believe it or not, milk is one of the best ingredients that you can use for marinating meats. The calcium found in milk helps to break down the proteins in the meat, which acts to tenderize it. For best results, do not over marinate your meats. Stick to less than 2 hours for chicken, 4 hours for pork and 24 hours for beef.


Forget black coffee. Add a boost of nutrition, including high-quality protein, to your morning cup of joe. You don’t have to miss out if you’re lactose intolerant—just use lactose-free milk! Get inspired by our Almond Mocha Iced Coffee or Chai Coffee.


Make your oatmeal with milk! It not only boosts the nutrition, but it also gives the oats a delicious creaminess. Top the breakfast treat with fresh fruit and nuts and you’ve got an all-star start to your day. Spoiler alert: Oatmeal made with milk will provide ALL four nutrients that Americans are not getting enough of in their diets: Calcium, vitamin D, Potassium and Fiber!

There’s no need to toss out your milk just because it’s reaching it’s expiration date. What are your favorite ways to use up milk? Share then with me on Twitter at @TheDairyRD.

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