Toying With Santa’s Favorite Snack

milk and cookies

The winter holidays are full of fun traditions for children and the rest of the family. Decorating the house, watching classic movies, and more fill the colder months.  

One fun and simple tradition for many children is leaving a snack of milk and cookies for their favorite person: Santa Claus. Every year, Santa finds a special plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk by the tree. But every year, at every house, does Santa find the same snack awaiting him? The jolly old elf is grateful, of course, but there’s nothing wrong with adjusting a classic, especially when it leads to family fun in the kitchen. During the holiday season, change up the fun tradition of what you serve to Santa Claus on his yearly visit to your children. Here are some ideas: 

Create a goody for the elves. They’re enjoying the holiday back in the North Pole, but they would love to hear from the kids they spend the year building toys for. Suggest a holiday card, a note, or a small goody bag for Santa to deliver. 

Swap out the cookies. Santa deserves a sweet dessert, but it doesn’t have to be cookies. Let your child make their favorite dessert to share with the jolly old elf. It can be a slice of pie, a mini dessert, or whatever treat the family can enjoy before bedtime. 

Add veggies for the reindeer. They do lots of the heavy lifting—er, flying. While they may not be able to enjoy the same snack as the big man of the North Pole, they deserve some recognition. Set out some carrots or leafy greens for a treat they can enjoy between houses. 

Add flavor to his milk and cookies. Santa loves his white milk and cookies, but after stopping at every child’s home, give Santa Claus some flavored milk for a tasty surprise. Or switch out the milk for some holiday eggnog

Put your own twist on holiday traditions this year with your family. Happy holidays! 

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