Transform Butter Boards for the Holiday Season 

hot chocolate whipped cream

The trendy butter boards of early fall offer inspiration for your holiday eats. Perhaps you’re looking for a sweet dessert board with a hot chocolate whipped cream to dip pretzel sticks, homemade cookies, and apples. Or maybe a pre-meal snack of peanut butter and yogurt whip served with apples and celery. Whatever the need, read on to discover how you can transform butter boards throughout the holiday season. 

Preparing Butter Boards 

If you plan to make a board with a spread, whip your base to make it easier for guests to dip. An unwhipped but softened spread needs to be served immediately. Whipped boards can last longer, making it the best choice for grazing. Plus, whipping the spread provides the perfect opportunity to add more flavor, like adding zest, spices, or even milk for a creamier texture.  

Keep butter knives or cheese spreaders handy for those who want the option. There is always a handful of guests who take the time to perfectly assemble their next bite with optimal flavors and textures. 

Pick a theme for your board. One of the great things about board appetizers can also be their downfall. There is such a thing as too many choices. Guests should not have to cautiously choose which choices to pair together. Keeping a theme running throughout will help the board stay cohesive in options that pair well together. 

Butter Board-Inspired Appetizers 

Cream Cheese Board 

Cream cheese is a great addition to savory or sweet appetizers, so it’s a great choice for a board. Perhaps you want a savory board for brunch with a deconstructed bagel. After smearing the board with a generous amount of cream cheese, top with capers, sliced onions, scallions, and lox, with toasted bagels at the ready for dipping. For the sweet tooth, top cream cheese with your choice of jam, nuts for crunch, and fruit for dipping. 

Whipped Brown Butter Board 

Brown butter brings a nutty, rich flavor to your baking, so why not use it on a butter board? While most butter board-inspired options can be whipped if preferred, whipped brown butter is essential, as it will give a solid form and ensure each bite is not overpowered. As for what to top it with, you could go for grilled cheese bites, biscuits and jam, or top with veggies. 

Southeast Dairy Association - whipped feta dip

Ricotta Board 

Use the somewhat sweet taste of ricotta for a variety of themes. Drizzle with olive oil, garlic and toasted slices of bread for a dinner reminiscent of your go-to date spot. Top with honey, berries, and almonds for a great mix of sweet, tangy, and salty bites. Or take inspiration from our Whipped Feta with Herbs served with crackers, vegetables, or crostini. 

Butter Boards: A Great Appetizer All Year Long

For more festive board ideas to serve up this holiday season, read How to Make Festive Charcuterie Boards. 

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