Tricks to Survive the Last Bug Bites of Fall

There are plenty of reasons to look forward to fall. The weather begins to cool, the kids return to school, and football season begins. And, of course, the bug bites begin to disappear. You’re not entirely safe until the temperature drops and stays consistently cold, but you can’t complain when you can walk outside without feeling like you’re under attack. It’s the unpleasant surprise while tailgating or taking a cool walk that makes these bites the worst. 

Bug repellent is great when it works, like when you remember to use it. For some of us, though, bugs just find us irresistible no matter what we do. With plenty of summers spent scratching bug bites, you learn a trick for the worst cases, usually passed on nuggets of wisdom that you didn’t believe until you were desperate. Here are some tricks to survive the last bug bites of fall that you probably forgot grandma told you. 

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To ward off bugs from your porch, you surround yourself with a colorful and useful garden that smells terrific. The answer for what to include depends on your interests. You probably don’t need your grandparents to tell you about citronella’s use in repellants, but give your garden some variety. You can include plants like basil or various mint plants if you’d like to cook what you grow, improving your time spent outside and the taste of your favorite pizza. For the cat lover, maybe catnip takes over the yard. For bright colors, maybe marigolds or lavender make an appearance. It won’t make your yard bug-free, but it can lessen sightings. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has a green thumb or the memory to light a citronella candle. Fortunately, grandma has some tips if you can’t prevent an itchy attack. 

For a bug bite or slight sunburn, you put a rag dipped in milk on the inflamed areas for relief. Use the rag a few times a day like you would with relieving gels. Another way is to mix powdered milk with some water and a pinch of salt for a paste you can leave on. It might save your skin from scratch-scars. 

When you feel a sting and see your hand growing, you immediately throw the film of an eggshell on the bite to draw out the toxin. It also may help draw out bee stingers or splinters. For more than a slight reaction to something like a wasp, you know to go to the hospital instead of relying on this home remedy, but it’s an old trick you can share in the waiting room.  

With plenty of home remedies and other options available at the store, you don’t have to suffer the last bug bites of the year. Head into fall ready to enjoy the season, not scratch more months away. 

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