Udderly Unusual Cow Facts

If you cannot tell from the cows that wander the country fields, never mind the cow print craze covering everything from a baby blanket for the nursery to a pair of fashionable cowboy boots or the cow drawings featuring flower crowns or long cow tongues, cows are everywhere.  

And with plenty of cows to observe on a car trip, there’s nothing surprising about them. We know that cows moo and that they produce tasty milk. Surely there is nothing about these farm animals that can surprise their casual fans.  

Think again. We bet you don’t know these “udderly” unusual cow facts. 

Cows can run at about 20 mph, with a maximum speed of 25 mph. However, cows run in short bursts, not continuously. They may run when they are happy, like when dinnertime hits. 

And they can jump, too, but perhaps not over the moon. The tall cattle can jump up to 5 feet, but not all can jump that high. Still, be wary of a barrier under three feet. Cows will respect the barrier until there is something better on the other side. 

Cows have strong opinions, and one thing they don’t like? Stairs. While cows can walk up a set of stairs, they can’t easily walk down stairs. The incline and size of stairs are not made for cows. Cows are bigger with a different body build than humans, so it is difficult to take the stairs when gravity makes you feel like you are about to fall headfirst with every step. They will do it if they must, though, so do not taunt them unless you’re ready for an annoyed cow to prove you wrong. 

Cows also kick in an unexpected way. Unlike the kind of kicks horses do, kicking back, cows kick to the side, too. And the front. It can be a light kick in your general direction if the cow is feeling inconvenienced. Make sure to stay where the cow can see you to avoid a harder kick. 

Did you learn anything new? Meet our cows to discover more.

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