Unleash Dairy’s Benefits with These 5 Smoothies!

Refreshingly Raspberry Smoothie

Dairy is an important source of nutrients for people of all ages. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, with just one 8-ounce serving of milk having 8 grams of protein, milk and other dairy products are an important ingredient of daily life. 

And with the hectic feel of summer, as the heat leaves you without energy but the weather is ideal for spending time outdoors, use the benefits of dairy to tackle your summer plans. Reaching exercise goals, going on a family outing, or ending the workday without falling asleep on the couch, there’s a smoothie to fuel you for the day ahead. Try these 5 summer smoothies to unleash the benefits of dairy this summer. 

The Hawaiian Harvest Smoothie brings not only a tropical flavor to your morning smoothie, but also high-quality protein through the kefir and flavored Greek yogurt. Filling and tasty, sip on this smoothie when dreaming of your next vacation, not the next workday. For a full meal, turn the ingredients for the smoothie into a smoothie bowl, adding macadamia nuts, tropical granola with dried fruit, and frozen or shredded coconut. 

This Georgia Peach Smoothie is not only refreshing, but good for you as well. Encompassing the flavors of summer, this smoothie is made with the dairy goodness of Greek yogurt and milk as well as sweet ingredients like peaches, honey, and vanilla, simple ingredients the entire family will love. 

The Refreshingly Raspberry Smoothie is a great way to end a hot summer day. A refreshing hint of cucumber and mint is combined with the duplicity of raspberry’s sweetness and tartness and honey-like agave, a cool option for those days where the summer heat leaves you exhausted. 

Packed with plenty of high-quality protein, the Mango Protein Smoothie is perfect for post-workout recovery. Not too sweet with just a hint of ginger, this smoothie includes trendy turmeric and the goodness of dairy, making sure your workout routine is beneficial from beginning to end. 

The Blues Buster Blueberry Peach Smoothie is a fruity, protein-packed blueberry peach smoothie sure to help you recharge and boost energy levels. Easy to make whenever with frozen blueberries and peaches, simply add honey, milk, and vanilla Greek yogurt, quickly assemble this drink mid-day to finish strong. 

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