Use This Milk Ice Cube Hack to Enhance Your Drinks 

There are all kinds of freezer hacks to help with everyday meals. And no, that’s not a reference to putting pizza rolls in the ice dispenser. 

From bulk cooking to freezing perishable musts like fruit and milk, freezer hacks make mealtime cooking faster and more affordable. And there is a life-changing hack that needs more recognition: the milk ice cube hack. 

All you need for this easy hack is a freezer, an ice cube tray, and real milk. Simply pour the milk into the tray and let it freeze. Once frozen, these milk cubes make it easy to measure out for your favorite beverages. Milk cubes can be added to your morning iced coffee or your post-workout smoothie. 

The milk ice cube hack makes it easy to include milk and milk’s health benefits in your daily life. For those who cannot get into the habit of make-ahead foods, just pop the cubes out of the tray and into your beverage of choice whenever the craving hits, helping to quickly chill whatever you are ready to enjoy. 

Southeast Dairy Association - Chocolate-Almond Coffee Cooler

You can also include other ingredients with your milk. Freeze milk and honey for iced teas. Adding vanilla will bring extra sweetness to your morning coffee, while chocolate and milk will make an easy mocha. This milk hack gets you one step closer to enjoying a frothy Chocolate Almond Coffee Cooler and other favorites.  

And for those who always struggle to make the milk last long enough for all the smoothies, coffees, teas, frozen hot chocolates, and more you enjoy, this is a great way to divide your milk. With milk dedicated to your drinks in the freezer, the rest can be enjoyed for baking or drinking from a tall glass with the peace of mind that you can enjoy it next week, too. 

This milk ice cube hack is an easy freezer hack we all need to do. Share with us how you use the milk freezer hack by tagging us on Instagram or TikTok

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