Virtual Farm Tours Continue


Following the popularity of last school year’s tours, The Dairy Alliance is offering more virtual farm tours for families and classrooms across the Southeast region. 

Last year, The Dairy Alliance worked to quickly adapt and create programs that allow families to have a sense of normalcy during the pandemic. The virtual farm tours began as an offering for classrooms as a virtual field trip to learn about agriculture and how nutritious milk is produced. Recent tours have evolved to better fit families wanting to view the tour. 

Virtual farm tours allow viewers to visit a dairy farm from the comfort of home. The free tours feature dairy farms within the region and are approximately 45 minutes long. Each tour is customized to the dairy farm, but all tours include a view of the milking parlor and a visit to the barn. Other locations visited may include the calf barns, creamery, methane digester, and more. 

During the tour, viewers can submit questions to be answered live by the dairy farmer acting as a guide. If you are curious where you can buy the farm’s products, how cows spend their days, or what other products the farm provides, the farmer will happily answer these questions as time allows. Tours often also feature trivia and quizzes that viewers are encouraged to participate in. 

These virtual farm tours are a wonderful offering for families who cannot make it to a dairy farm, either due to the ongoing pandemic or due to difficulty getting the family ready for a trip. Following these tours, viewers will have a better understanding of what life looks like on a dairy farm and the importance of milk in the diet.  

To watch a virtual farm tour, visit our Virtual Farm Tour page to sign up for upcoming events, or watch us on Facebook and YouTube live streams. More tours will be added to the page throughout the year. Previous tours are available here.  

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