Weddings Are Coming

The save the date from months ago sticks to your fridge. It’s been there for so long that your eyes now pass over it without noticing. One day, though, you do a double take. The date is days away! 

You scramble to find a gift still available on the registry. After taking a moment to thank whoever invented two-day shipping, your brain snaps to the next emergency. You dig through the mail to find the invitation. You think you RSVPed last month, but you just have to— yes, you still have the response card. You type and retype a text to the couple, debating if you happily announce you’re coming or pretend you never received the invitation. And then, you’ve recovered. 

That is, until the day of the wedding. 

You have to make sure everyone is properly dressed for whatever “fancy boho-chic” implies before pushing them out the door so you can arrive with plenty of time. The wedding website gave directions, but you know a better way—until you reread that there is a festival while sitting in the event’s traffic.  

Once you finally make it, you sniffle during the vows, feast on the dessert table, and dance like a toddler. You have an exhausting but wonderful time. Why can’t you do this every week? 

Great news, you can! According to those save the dates on the fridge, you have three more weddings this month, two of which are on the same weekend. 

For such a beautiful event, weddings really create stress, even for those there to act as witnesses. After the shock of the early weddings hits, follow these tips to make the most of each special day. 

  1. Take time for a spa day. Weddings require you to look good, but you also need to feel good. Greek yogurt has benefits for your overall health, but it also helps your hair and skin look picture perfect. Take some time to unwind before the next round of wedding season stress hits.  
  2. For those weddings that require hours on the road, pack snacks so you can enjoy time together. You know you’ll feast at the buffet that night, so have lighter, healthy options available throughout the day to keep you full and energized for the ceremony. 
  3. Enjoy the day. You were invited to share in the happy couple’s important day, so don’t sit in the corner planning out the schedule for next week’s couple. Instead of wasting all that preparation, talk to guests, dance, and indulge in dinner.  

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