What Are Butter Boards and Will They Replace Charcuterie?


Boards are popular and artistic appetizers that are everywhere, from restaurants to parties to even your own dinner table. While cheese and charcuterie are well-established but still oh-so-trendy options, a new board is appearing online, butter boards. So what could compete with a trend that has already established brunch boards, candy boards, and even French fry boards?  

Butter. This trend is all about the simple bread and butter combination we can never get enough of at mealtimes. 

What is a Butter Board? 

In place of the cheese and meats on a charcuterie board, a butter board is softened butter spread out on a wooden board and then covered in herbs to serve over bread. It’s a trend showing up on foodie feeds on TikTok and Instagram as an indulgent and classy way to serve guests the classic butter and bread pairing. 

How Do I Make a Butter Board? 

To make your own butter board, spread slightly softened butter onto a wooden board. Choose a flavored butter that your guests will love, then top it accordingly. Perhaps roasted tomatoes, garlic, or grilled mushrooms are the perfect toppings. Or toasted nuts and honey! Even edible flower petals or dried fruits can decorate your board. Raid your kitchen for surprisingly great butter pairings. Then, line the board with slices of your choice of bread and offer several butter knives for quicker serving. These breadmaking tricks will help you make a tasty homemade loaf for your next party. 

Will Butter Boards Replace Charcuterie Boards? 

Of course not! Butter boards are a tasty twist on the popular bread and cheese combination. If anything, this will inspire more butter options in the charcuterie boards served. Instead of taking sides in what dairy combination makes the best board, enjoy all the charcuterie, cheese, and butter boards you want! 

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