What Are You Serving for Taco Tuesday?

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The great alliterative example that is Taco Tuesday celebrates a favorite food at a discounted rate across the United States. Taco Tuesday, the custom of going out to eat tacos or select Mexican dishes on Tuesday nights, is a fun part of American culture often overlooked. There are some who love the day so much that they hold special taco-themed parties to enjoy a variety of tacos with friends.  

So where did the idea of Taco Tuesday come from, and how can you celebrate? 

Since 1989, Taco Tuesday® has been a registered trademark of Taco John’s, a Mexican restaurant chain with 400-plus locations mostly in the Midwest, but the idea of discounted Mexican food on Tuesdays has been around for nearly a century, with the phrase Taco Tuesday being used since the 1970s. 

The easiest way to enjoy Taco Tuesday is to find a restaurant near you, regardless of if they have a taco promotion or not. There’s always plenty of options to make your mouth water as you read the menu. 

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Of course, another way to enjoy each Tuesday is to make tacos at home, like these Mini Buffalo Chicken Tacos appetizers or Fish Tacos with Mango-Lime Crema. If throwing your own Taco Tuesday, expand the menu and try a taco dip, a taco salad, or a walking taco. They’re easy to make! Choose your protein and collect your veggies, like lettuce, tomatoes, grab a can of beans, and make sure there’s plenty of cheese and sour cream. Add seasoning to taste, such as pepper, taco seasoning, or cumin. Use this bake as flavor inspiration. 

A taco dip should focus more on cheeses, like cream cheese and queso. Add diced tomatoes, protein, and seasoning like chili powder into a pie dish and bake until bubbly. Salsa is an easy way to add flavor—and ingredients—to the dip. Once melted, serve with tortilla chips as a delicious appetizer. For a dip served cold, layer yogurt with your favorite taco ingredients and top with cheese. 

For a taco salad, simply toss your prepared ingredients together and serve on top of tortilla chips. Using guacamole, sour cream, queso, or salsa in place of a dressing brings extra flavor to each bite. 

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To make a walking taco to enjoy on the deck with family, grab individual chip bags and whatever taco ingredients you have on hand. Heat protein, beans, and veggies together to create a thick chili. Once done, open the chip bags and place a heaping spoonful of the chili in, along with toppings and a spoon. Now everyone is ready for an evening snack with easy cleanup. If that’s not enough to satisfy your taco craving, mix your walking taco ingredients into a casserole dish with crushed chips on top and bake for a taco casserole. 

Even dessert can be taco-inspired. Make cheesecake dessert tacos with cream cheese, pie filling, and fresh fruit held in a fried, sugared flour tortilla. For an option not as sweet, fill street flour tortillas with sliced fruit and yogurt. 

With the special event happening every week, enjoy all of these options, and more, for Taco Tuesday. 

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