What Can Ube Do with Milk?

In a world where food must be delicious and photogenic, naturally bright food coloring is an ongoing trend that looks to be here to stay. It’s trendy, and the more unheard of it is, the more hipster you are. Choose a color and taste that will complement your new recipe, like blackberries or blueberries for an almost magenta hue or a small amount of matcha powder for a naturally light green. For the bright purple needed for whimsical unicorn foods or a calming callback to lavender colors without the controversial flavor, turn to ube.  

This food is a unique addition to your meals. Ube (pronounced ooh-bae) is a purple sweet potato that didn’t get the memo it needed to be orange or even taste like a sweet potato. Instead, ube has the faint taste of vanilla that makes it a fun addition to milk recipes. It’s like food made for a fairytale! 

Its light purple color is sure to attract attention in the real world. Ube can create wonderfully bright scoops of ice cream, but that’s not the only dairy recipe to add ube to for Instagram. Straining and running ube through the food processor, mix the result with warmed milk and honey for a sweet latte. Or you can substitute potatoes for ube in a fun surprise.

Whether you use an extract, paste, or use shredded ube, let it get your creativity going. Serve a completely purple cake from the batter to the buttercream frosting or throw thin ube slices in the oven for your new favorite homemade chips. The ingredient is even paired with cheese! It is a potato, after all, and a very versatile one for milk recipes. 

What other natural food colorings can you add to your milk recipes? Add fresh fruit for sweet pairings, activated charcoal for a trendy black addition or classic cocoa powder for a flavor you’re never trying to hide. 

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