What is Dalgona Coffee? Whipped Milk?

During social distancing, people are trying their skills at activities like haircutting, breadmaking, and… South Korean coffee? It’s the latest coffee trend that’s making its way into teas and desserts. Dalgona coffee, also known as whipped coffee or that coffee from TikTok, is a simple but tasty coffee recipe that uses instant coffee, milk, and granulated sugar. 

The coffee rose to prominence early in South Korea’s social distancing measures against COVID-19. The name came from a South Korean actor who compared it to a Korean candy, dalgona. Videos of people making the drink at home spread as other countries began stay-at-home measures. Soon, people working from home were testing their DIY skills in creating what appears to be an extremely creamy glass of peanut butter

Dalgona coffee has a bitter—duh—taste, with the milk and sugar providing a sweet aftertaste that leaves you wanting more. A large part of its appeal is the smooth, foamy texture instead of a traditional coffee. 

To make whipped coffee, first, combine equal part of instant coffee, granulated sugar, and boiling water into a bowl or wide-mouthed mug. You then whip it up by hand or with a hand mixer. Once combined with the desired amount of warm or cold milk, a quick stir means your coffee is ready to enjoy. For our visual people, don’t worry, there’s a video of our method.

If desired, add a pinch of cinnamon, drizzle some honey, mix in cocoa powder, or pour over ice. This drink is so simple to make that it can be easily customized. Instead of mixing it with milk, you can add a dollop to a scoop of ice cream or a slice of pie.  

And once you perfect creating that whipped texture, you can skip the coffee if you want to! The latest variation of the craze sees the coffee being left behind in favor of pairing heavy cream and sugar with matcha powder, quick mixes for flavored milk or hot chocolate and tasty peanut butter or chocolate spreads. Some are from our kind of people: pack all the dairy possible by mixing heavy whipping cream with flavored milk. Yum!

Try your hand at this tasty trend. Once you find that perfect combination, let us know what whipped coffee goes best with. Whipped milk on whipped coffee, perhaps?

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