What It Takes to be an Olympian…Three Times!

At just seven years old, Lee Kiefer began fencing with her father and siblings. Fast forward decades later and she’s still fencing, and about to enter her third Olympics as part of Team USA’s Women’s Fencing Team.

With any athlete competing at such a high level, it is natural to wonder what it takes. For Lee, the answer is simple–family support, hard work, and milk. In fact, Lee believes in the power of milk so much that she is a member of Team Milk, a collective of best-in-class athletes who support milk’s power to fuel them to be their best. 

“It’s an incredible honor to be joining Team Milk and to see my name next to other Olympians,” shared Kiefer. “I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with The Dairy Alliance because I love milk and really believe in its nutritional value.”

Milk seems like an unlikely driver for a professional athlete, but it is nature’s original sports drink. In fact, milk delivers 13 essential nutrients that aid muscle repair, rehydration, and replenishment, while also helping to build strong bones and support immune health.

“The nutritional support milk provides is huge for me. I usually drink milk to start my day or after a workout. When I have practice later in the day, I like making a smoothie as a snack. One of my favorites is The Dairy Alliance’s Mango Protein Smoothie,” continued Kiefer.

Milk isn’t just for Olympians.  Learn more about how milk can fuel you to do what you love here.

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