What’s On My Pizza? CHEESE

Maybe kids have the right idea: cheese pizza is the way to go. 

Its simplicity of crust, tomato sauce, and cheese is mouthwatering, with none of those additional toppings to distract from the highlight—cheese. It’s a universally approved pizza. There are no arguments on the topping like there is with olives or pineapples. No wonder it’s the popular request for a pizza party. 

And for this amazing combination, we celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day. 

Pizza itself is a beloved American food. There are several holidays throughout the year about pizza, including National Pizza Party Day. And we don’t stop at declaring holidays for the classic. 3 billion pizzas are sold in the US every year, or 350 slices sold every second. Can you imagine how much cheese is needed for these ooey, gooey slices? 

Without cheese pizza, we would never have so many reasons to celebrate pizza. 

So to honor this national holiday, have a cheese pizza party! Invite some of your best friends over to celebrate this special holiday. While you can always make your own, why not have a tasty competition? Challenge guests to find and deliver the best cheese pizza. Yes, any pizza is delicious, but one of them has to be the best. Is it a New York or Chicago-style? Or is it from the pizzeria down the street? Maybe it doesn’t matter the style or where it’s from, but how many pounds of cheese it holds, like this record-holder that features 254 kinds of cheese. Yum! When asked what you want on your order, make sure your cheesy favorites make it on your pie. Then, sample from each option brought to the party. Once the judging has concluded, celebrate with, that’s right, more pizza! There won’t be leftovers tonight! 

What’s the best cheese pizza you’ve ever had? Let us know on social this National Cheese Pizza Day.    

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