What’s This? Pronounce Your Cheeseboard Options

Southerners know how to host a shindig, but the Southern way of pronouncing party foods doesn’t always match up with how the rest of the world pronounces them. When interacting with those not born and raised adding 3 syllables to every word, your grandiose entrances with each new tray of appetizers are hindered by a language barrier. Bring everyone together by translating these delicious cheeses found in your intricate cheese boards and small bites. 

Meatballs in Creamy Tomato Sauce with Burrata


Don’t let this cheese fool you. It’s not as simple as “burr-ah-ta.” “Boo-rah-ta” is a cheese as ghostly white as the name suggests. It is an Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream. While the outer casing is solid cheese, the inside contains stracciatella cheese and cream, giving it an unusual, soft texture. For a fancy dinner, serve meatballs in tomato sauce and burrata. This cheese also makes a great center for any cheeseboard. Just top with seasoning or olive oil for a flavorful dip. 

pancetta flatbread


“Fawn-tea-nah” is made to be drawn out by a classy Southern host. It ranges from a semisoft to hard textured cheese with a mild to medium-sharp flavor. Fontina is mild but with a distinctively nutty and savory flavor. Serve up this cheesy pancetta flatbread as a light appetizer or this satisfying grilled cheese sandwich


dutch baby

It’s not a “groy-err” cheese made for the hard Rs of the Deep South. To pronounce this cheese correctly, bring that classic lilt for a “groo-yair” naturally served for a mid-afternoon Sunday tea. Gruyere is a hard Swiss cheese known for its rich, creamy, salty, and nutty flavor depending on the age. Young Gruyere has pronounced creaminess and nuttiness, while older Gruyere has developed a complex earthiness. Its complexity makes it a great choice for complementing cheese boards full of fruits, nuts, honey, and jams. For an early get-together, serve this dutch baby that will add a touch of class as you serve guests. 

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