Dairy Snacks? Snack with Dairy for a Culinary Creation

Dairy Snacks: Asparagus and Ricotta Rustic Tart

The Southern way of pronouncing favorite foods doesn’t always match up with how the rest of the world pronounces them. When interacting with those not born and raised adding 3 syllables to every word, snack time is hindered by a language barrier. Bring everyone together by translating these delicious ingredients for your new friends into amazing dairy snacks.

Delicious Dairy Snacks


Southeast Dairy Association - caprese crostini

This isn’t a snack of short pants. Caprese, pronounced as both “cah-preh-zeh” or “cah-pray-zay,” is a simple salad comprised of sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, sweet basil, salt, and olive oil. When feeding a crowd, the Caprese Crostini serves the classic flavors on toasted bread, while this hot dip mixes in grilled chicken and cream cheese.  


The r in the name of this soft cheese tries to appear everywhere but where it is supposed to be. Don’t let yourself say mars-capone or mass-capone. And once you find the r, you aren’t done. Ma-scar-pow-nay isn’t only the sound made halfway through chewing to announce when the race comes back on. It’s also the secret ingredient to decadent desserts. Unlike ricotta, which is made from whey, mascarpone is made from cream and an acidic liquid like lemon juice. It creates a unique flavor that can be used as icing like in these Chocolate Yogurt Cupcakes or as a cheesecake filling like in these Mini Chocolate Mascarpone cheesecakes.  

Add Prosciutto  

Don’t confuse this Italian ham with your white wine. And while that Southern drawl will encourage you to happily reach for PRAWS–you-toh, your city friends will quickly fill their plate with proh-SHOO-toh. When not served with a cheese plate, the thinly sliced ham brings subtle flavor to appetizers like this Asparagus and Ricotta Rustic Tart or a brunch featuring the Cheese and Herb Dutch Baby.   

If you’re interested in translating more of your culinary creations, here are more pronunciations the rest of the world insists is the correct way. 

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