When Milk Goes Green

St. Patrick’s Day is observed as a celebration of Irish heritage, and those who are Irish-American follow many traditions for the day. Every March 17th, participants wear green apparel while maniacally searching for people to pinch. Children go on leprechaun hunts to find hidden gold foil-wrapped candy. Everyone confuses Ireland with Scotland in their references, resulting in Google searches for the truth while eating traditional Irish dishes like colcannon or green-dyed desserts. It’s easy to say the day is filled with these special customs unique to St. Patrick’s Day. 

For a day of celebrating Irish heritage, the signs of its approach are rather odd. Instead of a night at a traditional ceili or leprechauns suddenly appearing with their gold, St. Patrick’s Day is marked by the arrival of green milk. Green milkshakes appear on billboard ads, social media is filled with new kale smoothie recipes, and the masses flock wherever mint is added to food.  

Irish pride is made prominent with the green drinks—and there are plenty of options to choose from. A few drops of dye in milk creates a fun kid’s breakfast. For the health-conscious, add extra spinach or kale for a naturally green smoothie like the Green Machine Smoothie. Matcha teas and lattes provide natural color with a caffeine boost. Or, if it’s all about the special flavor this March, experiment with mint for a St. Paddy approved taste like this Chocolate Mint Shamrock Shake

With the creativity to follow a delicious theme for St. Patrick’s Day, March is now the month of green milk. Whichever version of the new tradition you choose, your green drink keeps you festive and safe from pinches all month long. Grab your milk and celebrate— Éirinn go brách! 

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