Why Your Spicy Food Needs Milk

why spicy food needs milk

While some of us can get the “volcano” hot option at restaurants without breaking a sweat, for many, eating spicy foods is a painful love as your tastebuds are set on fire. Spicy food is a tempting option at mealtimes, but we can’t always take the heat. Yet we still deliberate how hot we are ready to go for that delicious bite.  

And that heat is something we look forward to, even if we don’t choose spicy foods often at mealtimes. Like how we crave salty or sweet foods, fulfilling a spicy food craving makes us happy, even if we turn bright red in the process. 

So how can you enjoy spicy foods without the heat becoming too much? 

Spicy Food Needs Milk

why spicy foods need milk

It’s actually a simple hack. Enjoy every bite by pairing your spicy dish with a refreshing glass of milk. Milk helps your mouth handle an oily chemical compound in chili peppers called capsaicin that causes the well-known burning sensation from consuming spicy foods. This relief is thanks to casein, a protein found in cow’s milk.  

A pitcher of ice water won’t bring long-term relief, nor will alternative, plant-based beverages. The coolness of the water may bring a moment of peace, but it doesn’t include the casein to combat the heat of the spices. While water and other beverages spread the oily compound and its heat when drunk, milk’s fat will bring relief to the area while washing away the burning feeling.  

And yes, you can also top your spicy dish with other dairy foods like yogurt or sour cream for quick relief. Yum! Without a doubt, spicy foods need milk.

Now you can enjoy more of the spicy foods you love. Pair your spicy foods with a tall glass of real milk to help combat the heat. Next time the spicy food craving hits, grab the dairy as you prepare for seconds. 

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