Win the Holidays with Delicious Dairy Desserts

Hosting friends and family at Christmas can be stressful. Decorating the house, racing through aisles for the groceries your menu relies on, and preparing for the last-minute house guests that suddenly realize they don’t want to drive home yet leave you on the couch with a mug of eggnog once the night is over. Instead of stressing over the thousands of holiday desserts you can choose from, pick from these dairy desserts made for any crowd. 

At Christmastime, people know the importance of saving room for dessert. Those not-quite-full guests need their treat, and they need it now. Mini Chocolate Cream Pies served in small mason jars are a single-serve dessert perfect for reducing the line of guests waiting for their slice. Combining the sweetness of chocolate and caramel with the crunchy, salty taste of pretzels makes this easy dessert a crowd-pleaser. Plus, the filling can be made in advance, saving the awkward wait as the last minutes of bake time tick down. 

Southeast Dairy Association - carrot cake whoopie pies

The holiday season is perfect for our inner kid. Classic Christmas specials air, Christmas carols we know by heart play, and we all secretly hope for snow. Let everyone enjoy their nostalgic night. Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies are an indulgent treat that will have guests feeling like a kid again. These carrot cake cookies filled with a cream cheese and yogurt mixture combine carrots, oats, applesauce, yogurt, and spices for a warm cookie that will satisfy every guest. (Just don’t tell the actual children what is in their new favorite dessert.) 

Pound cake is a Southern staple that your guests seeking a traditional menu will love. Don’t avoid this Cornwell Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe because of the amount of each ingredient going into the mix—it is a pound cake after all. The prep won’t take too long, the most work will be the workout your arms get in hauling this big, delicious cake to the table. Plus, this cake is extra tender because of the sour cream, so guests will rave about your baking skills (and amazing arms). 

Using these dairy delicious desserts, you’ll win the holidays. There’s no need to stress. With one less thing to worry about, turn on the Christmas music and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. 

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