Winter Food Trends To Bring Into the New Year

winter food trends

Creativity abounds during the holiday season as hosts seek new, indulgent flavors to serve. This past year, these indulgent flavors focused on bringing dairy to the dinner table. While some fads fade, others evolve and solidify as favorites we turn to again and again. As we begin 2023, these are the winter food trends to continue in the new year. 

Charcuterie Chalets 

This holiday season, some tabletops were filled with a new take on charcuterie boards and gingerbread houses. Charcuterie chalets used our favorite cheeseboard eats to build the meaty roof and cheesy walls of an oh-so-delicious house. With this latest variation on charcuterie, who knows what tasty idea is next? 

Butter Boards 

Butter boards are feeling the charcuterie inspiration. Butter boards are a twist on the popular charcuterie board, spreading softened butter on a wooden board and covering it in herbs to serve over bread. It’s an indulgent and classy way to serve guests the classic butter and bread pairing that needs to continue into 2023. And if someone adds a mini butter board to their charcuterie, we are here for it! 

Butter Candles 

Additionally, butter candles reemerged this past holiday season. Melting butter before reforming it in a cup filled with seasonings and a candle wick, this edible candle offers a satisfying pool of butter when lit, meaning butter board favorites can easily scoop it up. And what you don’t catch lands in the bread below that supports the candle, making cleanup a matter of how hungry you are. 

Dirty Soda 

Add flavoring to your favorite carbonated drinks and you have dirty soda. It’s a simple idea, but dirty soda is a controversial trend, especially the spin-off of adding milk. While some see it as a creamier root beer float, others are so perplexed by the addition of milk that they can’t get themselves to try the correct proportions. Stop living life without it and discover what milk and soda combination is your treat on a busy day. 

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