Would You Eat These 3 Unusual Ice Cream Flavors?

green ice cream in waffle cone

The next time you want to make ice cream, head to the produce section of the grocery store. But you aren’t there to pick up fresh berries, juicy peaches, or any fruit actually! No, you are there to make these three unusual ice cream flavors and determine if vegetables, fungi, and more are the underappreciated ingredients of the ice cream world. 

Unusual Ice Cream Flavors

Mushroom Ice Cream 

This ingredient is misleading. Mushroom ice cream uses candy cap mushrooms, which are aromatic like maple and almost sweet tasting. Candy cap mushrooms are commonly used for desserts, so adding them to mushrooms is not too strange. Added for a subtle, almost maple syrup taste, mushroom ice cream is often promoted as a functional food in a sweet treat. 

Corn Ice Cream 

The next time you arrive home with ears of sweet corn, there will be no shortage of ways to use them up. You can grill it still on the cob, mix into fritters, serve with butter as a side, or scroop as an ice cream. Yep. Your ice cream base of heavy cream, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, salt, and perhaps egg yolk can include sweet corn. Is the corn soggy, or hard like the bag of corn in the freezer? Instead of tossing in the corn before freezing your ice cream, combine with the cream to grab the sweet corn flavor and discard the kernels after. 

Avocado Ice Cream 

Avocado toast is so 2018. Take your sliced avocados and make ice cream instead. Mash into heavy cream and milk, or yogurt or sour cream for a more sorbet-like texture. Add sugar and lime juice before starting the ice cream maker. The avocado taste is light, making it an ice cream flavor most likely for everyone to agree on. Replace the lime juice with cocoa powder if you want to try avocado ice cream but are worried about the taste. 

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