Cow Facts: Your Cow Questions Answered

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The Dairy Alliance has been offering live virtual farm tours to students and families across the Southeast region where people can learn interesting cow facts. During these tours, viewers have submitted their questions about dairy farming, milk, and cows.

Cow Facts

Below are some of the most popular cow questions we’ve received. Read on to have your cow questions answered.

Do cows go to the doctor?

Actually, the doctor comes to the cows! Instead of trying to load up the cows for a visit to the same vet office as the one you might take your dogs and cats to, cows get their checkups from the comfort of their barn. Veterinarians and nutritionists visit dairy farms to help ensure that cows are healthy.

How many babies does a dairy cow have? Can a cow have twins?

Dairy cows can give birth once a year. They often give birth to one calf during each pregnancy. They can sometimes have twins, but triplets are very rare.

Why aren’t all cows black and white?

There are many different breeds of cows. Black and white cows are Holsteins. They are popular on US dairy farms, but they aren’t the only breed. Though 6 popular dairy breeds are often highlighted, there are many more! The cows you will see on a dairy farm depend on the dairy farmer’s preference.

Does it hurt when cows are milked?

No. When cows are milked, dairy farmers make sure to make the process safe and comfortable. Cows’ udders are cleaned and sanitized and a milker is placed on the udders. The milker gently pulls the milk and detaches once finished. Cows can adjust as they wait for their milking to be done, but they aren’t irritated by the process. Rather, many cows look forward to their milking time.

Do cows sleep standing up?

No, cows like to sleep on special bedding. Cows spend up to 12 hours a day lying on a nice patch in pasture or in their bed, relaxing and napping. Their bedding is easy to clean and comfy. Some cows even get waterbeds!

To watch recordings of past virtual farm tours and have more of your cow questions answered, visit our tour page for more cow facts.

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