Your Guide to 2015 Healthy Food Trends

pimento cheese

It’s officially a new year and that means new food, nutrition and health trends. If your New Year resolutions include eating healthy, why not add adventure and try some of these trending foods?

  1. Big flavors without the calories: Pickling, fermenting and smoking foods is expected to take off in the New Year, while ingredients like citrus, vinegars and mustard are also making a return to menus. Taking Southern favorites like pimiento cheese and making it healthier by boosting flavor without adding calories (hello, smoked cheese or pickles) will please crowds throughout the year.
  2. New roots on the block: As a Registered Dietitian, I don’t believe there is ever a bad time for trendy veggies like kale, but look out for nubby root vegetables like kohlrabi and celery root to be en vogue this year. To introduce your family to these new foods, pair them with a family favorite.
  3. Savory yogurt: While all yogurts are a great way to get nine essential nutrients (including protein and calcium), savory yogurt offers new opportunities for use in vegetable-based meals. Keep an eye out for squash, beet and carrot yogurts that do double duty by supplying your dairy and veggies at once. Get creative by substituting savory yogurt for plain yogurt to make sauces or dips like this dill sauce over crab cakes.
  4. Hummus and Pistachios: I’m putting these in a category together as they are perfect healthy snacks for the road. Add some veggie sticks and cheese cubes and you’re good to go.
  5. Matcha: You’ve probably heard about the health benefits of green tea. They’re amplified with matcha! While it is traditional to serve matcha without milk, it’s an addition many of us enjoy that will increase the nutrition and health benefits. Click here to learn how to make it with milk.

01.16.2015 Carlene Thomas PictureCarlene Thomas RDN, LD is a registered dietitian in Virginia. She helps brides achieve wedding wellness through her company Healthfully Ever After. Carlene also works with a variety of companies and schools to find delicious and lasting ways to keep people healthy.

Twitter: @CarleneHEA

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