Your Thanksgiving Dinner Needs These 3 Food Puns

Thanksgiving Day brings a day of feasting, football on and off the screen, and family bonding. As you catch up with family members young and old, there is a way to keep everyone in the spirit of the day—terrible Thanksgiving-themed puns. 

Really! As we groan or give light chuckles to bad jokes, it brings everyone ease. With a Thanksgiving dinner that will leave everyone satiated and ready for a nap, make the evening comfortable and conversational. End the day of being together with these food puns. 

What ice cream flavor is the Pilgrims’ favorite? Rocky road. 

But we won’t blame you if you guessed pumpkin cheesecake or cinnamon swirl. When we think of the Pilgrims, we think of everything fall—minus the pumpkin spice. We imagine smiling people in brown clothing holding trays of turkey and sides, the Mayflower in the background and Plymouth Rock still stewing from its recent run-in.  

Maybe that’s too much Thanksgiving Day imagery, but it naturally goes together for anyone who grew up hearing the Thanksgiving story every year. And when we think of ice cream, you should think of fall then, too. Ice cream may not get much of the spotlight at Thanksgiving, but it is an essential topping for the pecan and pumpkin pies that fill the dessert table. Don’t forget to add a scoop come dessert time. 

It may be cheesy, but we’re grate-ful for dairy. 

Southeast Dairy Association - classic white bread

Dairy is the star food group of Thanksgiving. There’s butter for the vegetables and bread, cheese for the mashed potatoes and casseroles, and milk and creams for the gravy and every other deliciously creamy dish. Without real milk, our Thanksgiving dinner just wouldn’t be the same. 

You butter believe it. We’re on a dinner roll!  

There’s nothing better than Thanksgiving puns. If you want more amazing jokes for Thanksgiving, check out our farm-focused puns

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