You’ve Earned It: Fall Daycation Ideas


Your inbox is beginning to receive emails that shock you. Short messages are being sent that you have yet to use any of your PTO this year. Are you planning on using them? Is everything ok?  

No, everything is most definitely not ok. You saved up your days for the big plans you had this year, most of which were either postponed or made virtual. You took these changes in stride, as they were an obvious sign that you should take a real break. So you made a mental note to plan something fun before accidentally losing it amongst the grocery lists and new memes you collected. 

And along with the sudden remembrance of all those to-dos you tucked away, now it’s the end of the year, the longest and shortest blink of an eye you’ve ever experienced. 

Don’t force yourself into planning mode as you try to find weeks you can be away from work that are also open for bookings at your preferred yearly destinations. This year, take a day for yourself that doesn’t require the additional effort. And that doesn’t mean taking off from work to do work at home, though there are other ways you can be productive and enjoy the day. Below are 3 fall daycation ideas that will use up your PTO and leave you feeling recharged. 

Swap Your Window View 

Sometimes the best vacations are staycations. This year, though, you’ve seen more of your house than you care to admit. Spend a day-off relaxing indoors, but with a change of location. Book a nearby house or hotel room the night before your day-off, order delivery from your favorite restaurants, and spend the day doing nothing. 

Park at the Park 

You aren’t quite sure how your screen time for the year shows over 5,000 hours. You hope it’s a glitch, but looking back, that seems accurate. Unplug for the day and head outdoors. You can go for a walk and reacquaint yourself with the local squirrels, but if you want to simply relax in the fresh air, pack up for a day at the local park. Find a shady tree to plop your bag and set up the camping chair. With a thermos full of coffee and a lunchbox of snacks, you can relax the day away however you like. People-watch, read a good book or even find a game on your old radio. 

Explore Surrounding Towns 

Sometimes we all need a day to window shop, find hole-in-the-wall restaurants and visit the local museums we always mention to people visiting but have never been to ourselves. Instead of driving off to the city, be a tourist and explore neighboring towns. You may find your new favorite ice cream shop or a relaxing trail along the water, giving you plenty of excuses for future daycations. 

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