Checkoff at Work

The Dairy Alliance and national checkoff promote the consumption of milk and other dairy foods to consumers. Checkoff dollars are at work to develop a positive image for dairy on behalf of dairy farmers.

Beyond being downright delicious, dairy is nourishing, affordable, and versatile – a crowd-pleaser! Read more

Sustainability on the Dairy Farm

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Delicious Dairy Recipes

The Southeast’s Dairy Farming Families

Making Every Drop Count

A whole lot goes into every single drop of milk.​

Making Every Drop Count is a federation-wide effort to help raise awareness of the dairy checkoff, its programs and results with farmers who contribute to the checkoff.

Making Every Drop Count aims to help the nation’s nearly 30,000 dairy farm families contributing to the checkoff program recognize and understand how checkoff works on farmers’ behalf locally, nationally and internationally.

Every drop of milk represents a dairy farm. ​

The national dairy checkoff began in 1983. And, just as dairy farming and the industry have evolved and grown over the past 40 years, so has the checkoff.

Checkoff focuses on helping sales and demand grow and building trust in dairy through partnerships. Today’s dairy industry, consumer market and checkoff programs are complex, making it difficult for these efforts to be visible and identifiable to farmers.

We’re here to make sure dairy will always matter.

With research and innovation and marketing programs, we give support and tools to farmers to make dairy relevant in today’s environment.

The Dairy Alliance has a wide variety of posters, handouts, banners and other materials dairy farmers can use to promote the goodness of dairy. Please order at least 10 days in advance. Click below to order online or contact your Ag Affairs Manager.