Meet Our Cows

Healthy Cows are Happy Dairy Cows Dairy farming focuses on raising dairy cows for the production of milk and other dairy products. The care of dairy cows is an important part of successful dairy farming. Dairy farmers take excellent care of their cows. They provide dairy cattle with clean and comfortable housing, fresh water, food, and medical attention when necessary. Dairy farmers know that healthy, happy cows produce milk of a higher quality, so the animals’ well-being is a farmer’s top priority. Feeding & Drinking Dairy Cattle You may not have known that dairy cows can eat up to 100 pounds of food per day. Some dairy farmers allow their cows to graze on grass or provide them with alfalfa hay. Many farmers also choose to supplement their cows’ diets with mixed ration feeds including corn, soybeans, sorghum, and other grains to provide additional nutrients and fiber. Many farmers employ a nutritionist who formulates feed rations and a specific diet … Continue reading Meet Our Cows