Dairy in Schools

Video Trainings that Meet USDA Professional Standards (.5 CEU):

Strive for 35 (HACCP-approved for ice-cold milk)

Mooving Dairy with Alternative Feeding (Recipes, equipment and marketing solutions for mobile meals)

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STEMsational Ag: The Virtual Farm

Students K-12 will learn about the amazing modern Agriculture industry with roots that stretch back to the beginning of civilization. All Modules and Units are absolutely FREE! They were created by experts and open the door for you to learn about food preservation, backyard produce cultivation, farm animals and the importance of bees, just to name a few topics. Learn more

Recipe of the Month: Hot Chocolate Bombs

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Fuel Your Good with Dairy!

Schools are in a unique position to impact students’ food choices daily. School meal programs provide access to healthy and nutritious foods, such as non-fat and low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt have nine essential nutrients – including protein, calcium, potassium and vitamin D – to support growth, strong bones and muscles, healthy weight and heart health.

The Dairy Alliance works with school nutrition professionals throughout the Southeast to promote dairy nutrition, enhance school menu options, address food insecurity, and promote physical activity. Studies show that well-nourished, physically active students do better at school and have fewer discipline problems. Here are programs and resources The Dairy Alliance supports with technical assistance, promotional materials and grant funding for equipment and promotion – all to assist as you Fuel Your Good for students.

School Nutrition Resources

GOOD for the Body

Dairy Programs & Recipes

Reach students with GOOD nutrition all day, all year for their overall health, social and emotional well-being! Contact your local manager of youth wellness regarding technical assistance, staff training and funding opportunities for these dairy good programs!

Why introduce new recipes on your menu?
On-trend, fun and tasty school meal recipes are a great way to help ensure every student is fueled and ready to learn. The recipes provide new ways to meet school meal guidelines. Each recipe includes delicious dairy products and all help to meet grain, fruit and vegetable servings, too. The recipes are quick-scratch, easy to prepare, designed to help meet school cost constraints and are suitable for cafeteria service, Breakfast in the Classroom and Grab ‘n Go. These are also suitable for breakfast, lunch, supper and/or snacks.

GOOD for the Community, GOOD for the Planet

Dairy Promotion & Education

Help students understand where their food comes from and how dairy farmers collaborate to build strong communities and schools.

School Nutrition Resources

Teacher Resources