New Look of School Milk

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School milk provides more calcium and protein per 100 calories — and more calcium per penny — than any other food served on school lunch menus. The New Look of School Milk program aims to make this nutrient-rich beverage an appealing alternative to high-sugar fruit juices and empty-calorie sodas and energy drinks by featuring ice-cold milk served in a variety of flavors in kid-friendly, recyclable plastic bottles.

Whether milk is offered on the meal line, in vending machines or à la carte, the program has been shown to increase milk sales and consumption and, in many schools, increase meal program participation. A pilot test of the New Look of School Milk program revealed:

  • School milk consumption increased up to 37 percent.
  • Milk sales increased 18 percent.
  • More students were attracted to the meal line, with lunch participation in secondary schools increasing 5 percent.
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Frequently Asked Questions about the New Look of School Milk Program.