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Reach students with GOOD nutrition all day, all year for their overall health, social and emotional well-being! Contact your local manager of youth wellness regarding technical assistance, staff training and funding opportunities for these dairy good programs!

Fuel Up to Play 60, the leading in-school health and wellness program, empowers students and educators to work together to build healthier schools and create healthy, high-achieving students. The program offers a variety of opportunities for students, adults and schools: from in-school wellness initiatives, to the Student Zone app, to grants up to $4,000 per school year…there’s something for everyone!

Teach students how to fuel up each day with balanced meals by eating breakfast, enjoying nutrient-rich snacks, and completing each meal with a glass of real milk.

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Help students finish their day with another great meal. Whether they stay for sports, music or extra studies, [email protected] feeds their passions while providing the nutrition they need. By offering Afterschool Supper that includes cold, nutritious dairy, schools help students get the three servings of dairy they need to grow strong.

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It’s a proven fact that good nutrition leads to improved student performance, including higher test scores and better behavior. Serving breakfast in a new way that’s more engaging to students can lead to increased participation.

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Fresh milk – both white and flavored – served in bulk dispensers can result in more milk taken and consumed while you see a decrease in milk packaging waste.

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Students will love this “warm-up” option for their favorite meal-time beverage, chocolate milk! By using heating and dispensing equipment, hot chocolate service is an easy, fun and delicious option.

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When students grab a Moo Brew chilled coffee latte, they’ll get 8 grams of high-quality protein all packed into a flavored, refreshing and on-trend coffee beverage.

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A flavorful blend of fresh or frozen fruit, flavored yogurt and milk make for a nutritious reimbursable meal component.

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Kids love cold milk and we want to ensure every school meal includes an ice-cold serving. We’re happy to provide cold milk temperature training that follows HACCP guidelines for your staff.

From single-serve yogurts and parfaits to delicious combo meals with yogurt, we have solutions for enhancing your menus. Yogurt served in a variety of ways is a great “go-to” option for hungry, healthy students.

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