Traditional milk cartons are often difficult to recycle. Schools across the Southeast are going green by switching to recyclable plastic milk bottles. Implementing a recycling program offers many benefits, including:

  • Conserving resources: Recycling 2 million bottles (the amount that can be collected in a single school year from a district with 30 schools) can divert enough trash from a landfill to fill nearly 1,200 refrigerators.
  • Helping the environment: Plastic bottle recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves landfill space.
  • Saving money: Recycling may lower a school’s trash disposal cost by reducing trash volume between 9-20 percent, according to National Dairy Council pilot tests.
  • Teaching children: Students learn to care for the environment and demonstrate social responsibility.

The Dairy Alliance offers tools to help you assess recycling and waste management practices for your school meal program, implement a recycling program, and communicate changes to staff and students. Please contact us for more information about recycling.