Smooth and Smart

Southeast Dairy Association - Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

Smooth and Smart, a grant program established by The Dairy Alliance in association with Fuel Up to Play 60, helps participating schools acquire industrial blenders and other equipment to integrate yogurt and fruit smoothies into school meals. The program increases overall dairy consumption at schools while treating students to healthy and enjoyable beverages that appeal to younger and older students alike.

There is good reason to jump on the yogurt smoothie bandwagon. Yogurt and fruit smoothies offer many of the same nutritional values as fat-free milk. A single smoothie provides significant daily levels of calcium (30 percent), vitamin D (25 percent) and protein (16 percent). Whenever a Fuel Up to Play 60 school purchases one of the designated industrial capacity blenders, Atlanta Fixture (our blender distributor) will make a contribution to GENYOUth, a nonprofit organization that collaborates with students, schools, communities, business partners and thought leaders to identify solutions that improve nutrition and physical activity.

Yogurt and fresh fruit make smoothies a smart dietary choice, no matter the meal. For more information about Smooth and Smart, contact us.