Life is always on the go, but when summer hits, you actually want to fit as much into your day as possible. Don’t listen to that voice in your head that says a BBQ and a pool party on your Saturday are too much. You’re interested and you’re going to make it to both. After all, you work hard during the weekday. That stored energy from the cold weather is ready to use. Now that the summer events are in full swing, it’s time to reward yourself!  

5 Easy Ways to Get Your Daily Protein

To do everything you want to do this summer, though, your body needs to stay energized for whatever you choose to do. You can’t live off sugary energy bursts that will leave you feeling drained. Luckily, the start of your plans begins with the star of June’s National Dairy Month. An amazingly healthy drink, milk is filled with 8g of protein per glass. It’s not just for the trips to the gym, it’s the key to fueling your body for whatever your day brings. Instead of short-term energy that will leave you napping in the corner during the BBQ, milk gives you energy to keep going all day long. With protein running through your body, you can check off your summer goals and keep the day-altering long naps to a minimum.  

Refreshingly Raspberry Smoothie

When the temperatures rise, your exciting plans don’t end in one weekend. With festivals and fairs, celebrations of every kind in your neighborhood and plenty of outdoor fun, your calendar fills up fast. Protein is known for maintaining and building muscle, but it also keeps your blood sugar steady, provides much needed oxygen to muscles and improves your immune health, meaning your body will be prepared for whatever plans you make. Make sure to snack on dairy foods throughout the day to keep your energy up. Switch out a sugary drink at mealtime for milk to keep you feeling good between your activities. For a morning on the go, try a Refreshingly Raspberry Smoothie to start the day right. Instead of a one and done event, prepare your body so you can keep the fun going all summer long. 

Don’t let summer end with your big plans barely begun. Prove that pessimistic inner voice wrong and enjoy the life you’ve looked forward to all year. There’s so much to do in such a short time, so celebrate milk this June for its protein-filled, experience-everything energy.