Blueberry-Buckwheat Pancakes

Blueberry-Buckwheat Pancakes - These pancakes combine sweet, tangy blueberries and the unique nutty flavor of buckwheat. - blueberries, cups (buckwheat flour ), baking (powder ), salt, cups (LACTAID® reduced-fat milk ), vanilla (extract ), unsalted (butter, melted ), honey, eggs, lemon (juice ), for (cooking [...]

Cheddar Fondue

BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Foil Packet Dinner

BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Foil Packet Dinner - Make weeknight dinner easy with this one-dish meal that requires little cleanup because you cook the whole dinner in a foil packet. Be sure to use heavy-duty aluminum foil so the barbecue sauce does not leak out [...]

Berry Breakfast Bars

Berry Breakfast Bars - Homemade breakfast bars stuffed with berries make a great grab-and-go breakfast. - spray, creamy (peanut butter ), butter (melted ), applesauce, egg, milk, vanilla (extract ), packed (brown sugar ), rolled (oats ), white (or whole-wheat pastry flour ), baking (powder [...]

Bread Pudding

Cranberry-Orange Quinoa

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Pumpkin Bread Pudding - Canned pumpkin puree and lactose-free milk make this holiday bread pudding both moist and flavorful. - cups (lactose-free milk), canned (mashed pumpkin ), sugar, salt, cinnamon, ground (ginger ), ground (all spice ), cardamom, (6-7 slices) leftover bread, (torn into pieces [...]

Glover Pot Pie

Truelove Cheesecake

Truelove Cheesecake - Satisfy your sweet tooth with a piece of Dixie Truelove's famous cheesecake. - cups (graham cracker crumbs ), sugar, butter, (melted ), packages (cream cheese ), package (cream cheese ), sugar, vanilla, eggs, sour cream (divided), (optional), Heat oven to 350˚. ; [...]