Blueberry-Buckwheat Pancakes

Blueberry-Buckwheat Pancakes - These pancakes combine sweet, tangy blueberries and the unique nutty flavor of buckwheat. - blueberries, cups (buckwheat flour ), baking (powder ), salt, cups (LACTAID® reduced-fat milk ), vanilla (extract ), unsalted (butter, melted ), honey, eggs, lemon (juice ), for (cooking [...]

Blueberry-Speckled Pancakes

Blueberry-Speckled Pancakes - Sift powdered sugar over these blueberry-speckled pancakes and offer an assortment of toppings such as maple syrup, honey and fruit syrups. - all-purpose (flour ), cornmeal, granulated (sugar ), baking (powder ), salt, ground (cinnamon ), beaten, LACTAID® reduced-fat milk, cooking (oil [...]

Green Machine Smoothie

Green Machine Smoothie - A refreshing and filling smoothie that is sure to boost your energy or help you rebuild after a workout. - Greek yogurt, fresh (spinach leaves), fresh (parsley), apples, peeled and chopped, fresh lemon juice, ground ginger, ice cubes, Peel and dice [...]

Lowcountry Warm Crab Dip

Lowcountry Warm Crab Dip - An appetizer that will go fast at any party, this warm, cheesy dip is packed full of three kinds of cheese and fresh crabmeat. - block cream cheese, (room temperature), grated (Parmesan cheese, divided), shredded (Cheddar cheese), sour cream, mayonnaise, [...]

Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup

Creamy Broccoli Cheese Soup - Pureed roasted potatoes add extra thickness to this low-lactose, broccoli-cheese soup. - olive (oil ), potatoes, (peeled and chopped), onion, (chopped ), fresh (broccoli florets, chopped), low-fat (lactose-free milk ), vegetable broth, ground nutmeg, sharp (Cheddar cheese, shredded ), cheddar [...]

Chilled Avocado Soup

Chilled Avocado Soup - Fresh cilantro and lemon juice blend perfectly with avocados in this chilled soup. For best flavor, be sure to use ripe avocados. - ripe (avocados, halved, seeded and peeled ), fresh (cilantro ), lemon (juice ), salt, onion, (powder ), white [...]

Angel Cake with Berries and Cream

Angel Cake with Berries and Cream - This heavenly dessert starts with angel food cake. A homemade or bakery cake will do. Top cubes of cake with creamy custard and fresh berries. - sugar, cornstarch, salt, LACTAID (reduced-fat milk ), yolks (beaten ), vanilla, finely [...]

Crustless Cheddar and Sun-dried Tomato Quiches

Crustless Cheddar and Sun-dried Tomato Quiches - Serve miniature Cheddar-filled quiches for a protein-packed appetizer. - spray, olive oil, cleaned (and finely chopped (about 1 cup) ), reduced-fat (shredded Cheddar cheese, divided ), sun-dried (tomatoes, minced plus additional for garnish ), fat-free (lactose-free milk ), [...]

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