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Spring Herb Chicken Salad

Spring Herb Chicken Salad - Add flavor to classic chicken salad with fresh herbs, lemon juice and yogurt. - chicken breasts, skinned, olive oil, dried basil, salt, divided, pepper, divided, low-fat mayonnaise, nonfat plain yogurt, fresh lemon juice, chopped flat leaf parsley, chopped fresh mint, [...]

High-Protein Breakfast Granola Bites

High-Protein Breakfast Granola Bites - Enjoy fueling up with this homemade breakfast granola bite recipe, which includes yogurt, whey protein and either cranberries or raisins. - old-fashioned 5-minute oats, nonfat plain yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, sliced almonds, whey protein powder, dried raisins or cranberries, brown sugar [...]