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Chocolate Yogurt Cupcakes with Orange Mascarpone Icing

Chocolate Yogurt Cupcakes with Orange Mascarpone Icing - Low-lactose mascarpone cheese is used instead of cream cheese for the sweet icing on these indulgent cupcakes. Lactose-free half-and-half adds extra moistness to the rich chocolate cake. - unsalted butter (softened), sugar, eggs, bourbon extract, plus 1 [...]

Tangy Apple Cooler

Tangy Apple Cooler - This tangy, sweet and refreshing drink will please the whole family and is a good source of protein due to the Greek yogurt and almonds. - low-fat vanilla Greek yogurt, Granny Smith apple, orange juice, raw almonds, honey, ice cubes, Peel [...]

Butternut Squash and Sage Soup

Butternut Squash and Sage Soup - This velvety, smooth butternut squash soup gets its creaminess from Greek yogurt and milk. - butternut (squash ), chopped (fresh sage ), reduced-sodium (chicken broth ), Kosher (salt ), milk, Greek yogurt, orange juice, Additional (fresh sage (optional)), Preheat [...]

Banana-Strawberry Licuado

Banana-Strawberry Licuado - Cool down with this protein-filled fruit smoothie that features lactose-free milk. - LACTAID® (low-fat milk ), frozen (sliced strawberries ), ripe (banana, peeled ), orange juice, fresh lime juice, ice cubes, Slice banana and freeze for 30 minutes. ; Combine milk, frozen [...]