Blueberry-Buckwheat Pancakes

Blueberry-Buckwheat Pancakes - These pancakes combine sweet, tangy blueberries and the unique nutty flavor of buckwheat. - blueberries, cups (buckwheat flour ), baking (powder ), salt, cups (LACTAID® reduced-fat milk ), vanilla (extract ), unsalted (butter, melted ), honey, eggs, lemon (juice ), for (cooking [...]

Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes - Regardless of what time of day these pancakes are served, they are always a hit. What could be more comforting and satisfying than fluffy pancakes and sweet caramelized bananas served with golden maple syrup and topped with more bananas, butter and pecans? [...]

Cheese Grit Cakes

Cheese Grit Cakes - These delicious bite-sized cakes are crispy on the outside with a soft, cheesy center. They are perfect topped with your favorite shredded BBQ, grilled shrimp or warm sautéed collard greens. - whole milk, vegetable stock, kosher salt, stone-ground grits/cornmeal, freshly-shredded (Cheddar [...]

Light Cheddar and Macaroni