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Homemade Eggnog

Homemade Eggnog - No need for the store-bought seasonal treat when you can make this simple homemade batch. Just the right amount of sweetness and not too thick, but perfectly creamy! Add your choice of brandy, bourbon or rum for an adult version. - egg [...]

The Fairway Café’s Mitchell London Hot Chocolate

The Fairway Café's Mitchell London Hot Chocolate - You only need three ingredients to make this rich and creamy homemade hot chocolate. Using semi-sweet chocolate instead of cocoa powder is the secret to the creaminess. - milk, semi-sweet chocolate, (cut into chunks), chocolate milk, Whipped [...]

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate - Add a rich, nutty flavor to your hot chocolate with toasted hazelnuts and sweet hazelnut syrup. Look for hazelnut syrup at a specialty food store or coffee shop. - hazelnuts, toasted, low-fat chocolate milk, hazelnut syrup ((try Monin® brand, found at [...]

The Avenue’s Classic Hot Chocolate

The Avenue's Classic Hot Chocolate - This classic hot chocolate is so thick and creamy you might want to serve it for dessert. Give it a try and you're sure to agree it's one of the best hot cocoa recipes out there. - low-fat (chocolate [...]

Mulled Hot Chocolate

Mulled Hot Chocolate - During the holidays, add aromatic flavor to your mugs of hot chocolate with cinnamon, allspice, and orange peel. - low-fat (chocolate milk), sticks, or 1/8 teaspoon ground allspice, from (1/2 orange), sugar, bittersweet (chocolate chunks), vanilla extract, Whipped cream ((optional)), Additional [...]