Cinnamon Swirl Yogurt French Toast

Cinnamon Swirl Yogurt French Toast - Make your French toast a little more special by using cinnamon swirl bread and topping the toast with fresh fruit and yogurt. - French Toast: medium eggs, whites, fat-free milk, cinnamon, cinnamon swirl bread, Topping: fat-free plain yogurt, maple [...]

Cheesy Chicken Crunchers

Cheesy Chicken Crunchers - These kid-friendly baked chicken fingers have extra protein from the cheese that’s added to the crispy cereal coating. - all-purpose (flour), salt, pepper, whites, 2% reduced-fat (milk), corn flake (cereal), reduced-fat (shredded Cheddar cheese), breast fillets; (cut into strips ), spray, [...]

Low-Fat Chocolate Mousse

Low-Fat Chocolate Mousse - Make this low-fat chocolate mousse using fat-free Greek yogurt, egg whites, cocoa powder and dark chocolate. - water, (plus 6 tablespoons), sugar, whites, white (vinegar ), 60% (dark chocolate), semi-sweet (chocolate chips ), vanilla (extract ), cocoa (powder ), low-fat (Greek [...]

Homemade Bread

Lactose Free Snow Pudding