Busting Milk Myths

The Dairy Alliance's Tracey True appeared on local station WSMV's Today in Nashville to debunk milk myths. Tracey began by discussing the safety of milk, reassuring viewers that their milk bought from the store never contains antibiotics by explaining in detail how dairy farmers prevent antibiotics from entering the human food supply, including cow care and procedures to test for traces of antibiotics. Tracey also discussed lactose, the natural sugar in milk, and how it differs from added sugar found in other foods, also providing tips for how those with lactose intolerance can enjoy dairy products by choosing hard cheeses and fermented foods. To conclude, Tracey shared that milk provides 3 of the 4 nutrients most Americans are missing--calcium, vitamin D, and potassium--reiterating the importance of including dairy foods in your diet to meet those nutrient requirements. By discussing and debunking these various milk myths, Nashville's viewers can use this new knowledge to enjoy dairy products again.