North Carolina

Chef Camp 2020

In collaboration with Eat Ya'll, 12 chefs from Virginia visited the Richlands Dairy Farm and Creamery in Blackstone, Virginia, on August 11th for a one-day Chef Camp. Participants enjoyed a tour of the dairy farm with the owners and others in the industry, learning more about cow care and sustainability practices. After the tour, attendees sampled local dairy products. Portia McKnight from Chappell Hill Creamery in North Carolina lead guests through a cheese tasting of her brands and Coley Drinkwater proudly showed off her new creamery and ice cream flavors. Food writer and Registered Dietitian Mary Jo Sawyer shared thoughts about how to work better with media to highlight their culinary story. The one-day experience allowed chefs to network together and with producers while tasting locally produced products and learning how they're made.

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