North Carolina

Chocolate Milk Tast Testing

Union Grove Elementary School in Iredell County is one of several schools in the district that provide an alternative breakfast program to ensure that all students have the opportunity to start their day with a healthy school breakfast. While their breakfast in the classroom is successful, there was some concern over the milk that is left over. Therefore, The Dairy Alliance teamed up with the School Nutrition Program to provide dairy education and a chocolate milk taste test for the students. Since the National School Lunch Program's guidelines have changed and will now allow schools to offer 1% flavored milk, the district wanted to see if students had a preference. The results from this taste test suggest that more students would likely consume chocolate milk if they switched to 1% chocolate milk. 75% of the students who participated in the tasting preferred the 1% chocolate milk over fat-free chocolate milk. Iredell County is looking into making the switch to 1% chocolate milk to increase milk consumption among its students.

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