Clayton County Prepares for Moo Brew Kickoff

The Dairy Alliance conducted a quick Moo Brew training at Morrow High School for Clayton County schools. The school system is interested in beginning a Moo Brew coffee program within their high schools and wanted a practice run of the equipment, offering samples of different coffee flavors to students while seeing how the program can best fit their established service. The Moo Brew program allows students to pour their 8 oz carton of milk in 2 oz of coffee, ice, and sugar-free syrup flavoring for a cold brew coffee drink full of milk's nutritional benefits. Cold brew coffee made with milk is an appealing alternative for older students in middle school and high school who do not choose milk during school meals. Students enjoyed the samples and are excited for the program to begin once Lovejoy High School and Jonesboro High School complete their test runs this December.

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