Dairy Academy Pilot Program

The Dairy Alliance hosted the first ever Dairy Academy at Sysco’s Knoxville location. The session included school nutrition directors and staff from 15 surrounding school districts interested in adding more dairy to the school menus. Attendees learned about the nutritional benefits dairy provides for children including chocolate milk as a sports recovery drink and lactose intolerance options. Amber Buckner from Wilson County along with Peggy Hamby from Morgan County presented the best practices and recipes to use when promoting dairy in schools. To celebrate the success of the first Dairy Academy session, attendees sampled dairy smoothies, yogurt parfaits, dairy-based salad dressing and yogurt bars. Lastly, The Dairy Alliance presented the National Dairy Council’s breakfast and lunch recipes and discussed available resources. Due to the success of the Dairy Academy pilot program, The Dairy Alliance will continue to educate school nutrition staff on how to include more dairy on school menus using Dairy Academy sessions throughout the region.