Dairy At Southeast Academy of Sports Medicine Conference

The Southeast Academy of Sports Medicine Conference consisted of over 1,200 professionals and students that work or study in the field of sports medicine and exercise science. The Dairy Alliance sponsored Jim White, RD, ACSM and National Dairy Council Ambassador, who presented on the topic "Milk vs. Milk Alternatives,” reviewing the benefits of milk and highlighting the differences between milk and milk alternatives, including their protein and micronutrient contents. Additionally, Jim answered milk myth questions in his presentation on lactose intolerance strategies and claims regarding dairy causing inflammation. Outside of his presentation, Jim also spoke to students at a mentoring breakfast about his career path as a registered dietitian/personal trainer and how he built a successful business. While Jim presented on milk, The Dairy Alliance exhibited materials on dairy vs dairy alternatives, whey protein, milk and chronic diseases, calcium's role in bone health and plant-based diets that include dairy. Overall, dairy was well represented to these sports medicine and exercise science professionals.

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