Dairy Delivers Mealtime Inspiration

In collaboration with Eat Y'all, The Dairy Alliance took 13 Chef Camp attendees to learn about dairy at Cool Lawn Farm, which is owned and operated by Ken Smith. During the tour, guests learned about the dairy's cow care practices and how their milk is sustainably produced. Ken answered any questions the camp participants had regarding milk. Once the visit to the dairy farm was complete, the group traveled two miles to enjoy some treats from the Moo Thru creamery, the Smith family’s roadside ice cream shop. Attendees enjoyed a tasting of the store's offerings to discover how using fresh milk from Cool Lawn's grass-fed cows makes all the difference in flavor and quality of the ice cream. The chefs then joined together at Graves Mountain Lodge to create a collaborative meal based on the camp's lessons with dessert from Moo Thru. Now the chefs can attest to how delicious dairy is!

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