Dairy Industry Research

Nutrient-rich dairy foods not only help children and adults build healthy diets, they also contribute to healthier lives. Learn more about the science that supports dairy’s health benefits.

May 2019

5/14/2019 (Cornell Chronicle) – Future cartons will track milk from farm to fridge

Cornell University scientists are designing “the milk carton of the future,” which will have precise “best by” dates and reduce food waste. Full Story

5/7/2019 (EurekAlert) – Sensor can detect spoiled milk before opening

Washington State University researchers have developed a sensor that could determine if milk has spoiled. Full Story

April 2019

4/18/2019 (Forbes) – Artificial Intelligence In The Dairy Barn

Irish agtech company Cainthus is using artificial intelligence and in-barn video to manage dairy cows. Full Story

4/11/2019 (Dairy Foods) – 2019 Breakthrough Award goes to California Dairies Inc.

California Dairies Inc.’s milk protein crisps won the Breakthrough Award for Dairy Ingredient Innovation. Full Story

4/8/2019 (FDA.gov) – FDA Advancing Beneficial Animal Biotechnology Product Development

The FDA is introducing a framework for genetic alterations using CRISPR technology, making it clear that “the FDA is not regulating an animal as a drug.” Full Story

4/2/2019 (DairyReporter.com) – DFA announces participants for the 2019 Sprint Accelerator

DFA is co-sponsoring the third annual Sprint Accelerator, in which some entrepreneurial dairy companies will be mentored by DFA experts. Full Story

4/1/2019 (Yahoo! News) – ‘Cow toilets’ in Netherlands aim to cut e-moo-ssions

A Dutch inventor says his “cow toilets” collect cow urine and help cut overall emissions. Full Story

March 2019

3/20/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – Cow Water Beds Make for Sweet Dreams and More Milk

The University of Missouri’s Foremost Dairy Research Center studies how water beds improve milk production. Full Story

3/7/2019 (DairyBusiness) – Land O’Lakes brings The Copernicus Project to SXSW

Land O’Lakes will host “The Copernicus Project” at SXSW, giving attendees an inside look at food production systems via interactive exhibits and guest speakers. Full Story

February 2019

2/28/2019 (Forbes) – CRISPR’s Future In Food Depends On Consumers

One of the pioneers of CRISPR says this is a critical year for the gene-editing tool to catch on with consumers.  Full Story

2/20/2019 (Wisconsin State Farmer) – Hinchleys go robotic – milking that is

Wisconsin dairy farmers Duane and Tina Hinchley are glad they switched to robotic milkers. Full Story

2/18/2019 (Capital Press) – Dairy research center takes step forward with land purchase

The University of Idaho has received state approval to purchase property for what will become the country’s largest dairy research facility. Full Story

2/7/2019 (Progressive Dairyman) –Milk filters: The unsung hero of successful milking outcomes

The role of the milk filter may deserve more attention than it gets. Full Story

January 2019

1/23/2019 (College of Engineering) – A sweet idea: Converting dairy leftovers into profitable products

University of Wisconsin engineers are looking at ways to repurpose Greek yogurt acid whey. Full Story