Dairy Industry Research

Nutrient-rich dairy foods not only help children and adults build healthy diets, they also contribute to healthier lives. Learn more about the science that supports dairy’s health benefits.

March 2019

3/20/2019 (Dairy Herd Management) – Cow Water Beds Make for Sweet Dreams and More Milk

The University of Missouri’s Foremost Dairy Research Center studies how water beds improve milk production. Full Story

3/7/2019 (DairyBusiness) – Land O’Lakes brings The Copernicus Project to SXSW

Land O’Lakes will host “The Copernicus Project” at SXSW, giving attendees an inside look at food production systems via interactive exhibits and guest speakers. Full Story

February 2019

2/28/2019 (Forbes) – CRISPR’s Future In Food Depends On Consumers

One of the pioneers of CRISPR says this is a critical year for the gene-editing tool to catch on with consumers.  Full Story

2/20/2019 (Wisconsin State Farmer) – Hinchleys go robotic – milking that is

Wisconsin dairy farmers Duane and Tina Hinchley are glad they switched to robotic milkers. Full Story

2/18/2019 (Capital Press) – Dairy research center takes step forward with land purchase

The University of Idaho has received state approval to purchase property for what will become the country’s largest dairy research facility. Full Story

2/7/2019 (Progressive Dairyman) –Milk filters: The unsung hero of successful milking outcomes

The role of the milk filter may deserve more attention than it gets. Full Story

January 2019

1/23/2019 (College of Engineering) – A sweet idea: Converting dairy leftovers into profitable products

University of Wisconsin engineers are looking at ways to repurpose Greek yogurt acid whey. Full Story

December 2018

12/10/2018 (Dairy Foods) – Top 10 ‘Best New Dairy Products of 2018’

Dairy Foods names its top 10 best new dairy products of the year. Full Story


November 2018

11/9/2018 (Hartford Courant) – Thompson Farm Gets $244k REAP Grant For Digester

A Connecticut dairy farm received a $244,000 USDA grant to help build the state’s first anaerobic digester that would convert waste to energy. Full Story


11/6/2018 (Dairy Herd Management) – Transitioning of Herds to Automatic Milking Systems

One of the aspects of adopting the AMS that can be challenging, at least for a few weeks, is the transition period from the conventional milking system to the AMS. Full Story


October 2018

10/24/2018 (Progressive Dairyman) – Investing in longevity: Ohio dairy builds second facility for mature cows

An Ohio dairy has built a facility designed for housing and milking older cows. Full Story


10/23/2018 (DairyBusiness) – Indiana farmer milks 2,200 cows with 36 robots

Indiana dairy farmer Brian Houin describes the benefits of using robotic milkers. Full Story


10/10/2018 (WESA Pittsburgh) – Farm Jenny Makes Wearable Tech For Animals, So The Farmer With A Day Job Can Have Peace Of Mind

A Pittsburgh startup called Farm Jenny has introduced wearable technology for farm animals similar to a FitBit. Full Story


10/8/2018 (Central Maine) – Hilton Farms in Norridgewock wins Green Pastures Award

Maine’s Hilton Farms’ use of technology to provide better cow care is a key reason it won a regional award. Full Story


September 2018

9/26/2018 (Wisconsin News) – Helping cows keep their cool: Professor, dairy farm collaborate

Rosy-Lane Holsteins is working with the University of Wisconsin to examine cow comfort techniques. Full Story


9/24/2018 (Sustainable Brands) – Dairies Resuming Home Deliveries: A Sustainable – and Sustainability – Strategy?

A “dozen or so” U.S. communities have brought back home delivery of dairy products in the name of sustainability. Full Story


9/20/2018 (Genetic Literacy Project) – Conventional dairy farms do less environmental damage than their organic counterparts

Organic farming has long been considered more environmentally friendly than intensive, conventional farming. But a study led by scientists at the University of Cambridge suggests this may not be the case – provided that more natural habitats can be “spared the plough.” Full Story


9/17/2018 (Lancaster Farming) – Robot Facilitates Young Dairy Farmer’s Future

Building a new dairy barn might not seem feasible these days, but after some careful planning, that’s exactly what Cole McLaughlin did. Full Story


9/14/2018 (MSU Today) – New grant aims to help dairy calves and farmers

A Michigan State University researcher has been awarded a $500,000 grant for his work on dairy calves and microbial use. Full Story