Dairy Industry Research

Nutrient-rich dairy foods not only help children and adults build healthy diets, they also contribute to healthier lives. Learn more about the science that supports dairy’s health benefits.

January 2019

1/23/2019 (College of Engineering) – A sweet idea: Converting dairy leftovers into profitable products

University of Wisconsin engineers are looking at ways to repurpose Greek yogurt acid whey. Full Story

December 2018

12/10/2018 (Dairy Foods) – Top 10 ‘Best New Dairy Products of 2018’

Dairy Foods names its top 10 best new dairy products of the year. Full Story


November 2018

11/9/2018 (Hartford Courant) – Thompson Farm Gets $244k REAP Grant For Digester

A Connecticut dairy farm received a $244,000 USDA grant to help build the state’s first anaerobic digester that would convert waste to energy. Full Story


11/6/2018 (Dairy Herd Management) – Transitioning of Herds to Automatic Milking Systems

One of the aspects of adopting the AMS that can be challenging, at least for a few weeks, is the transition period from the conventional milking system to the AMS. Full Story


October 2018

10/24/2018 (Progressive Dairyman) – Investing in longevity: Ohio dairy builds second facility for mature cows

An Ohio dairy has built a facility designed for housing and milking older cows. Full Story


10/23/2018 (DairyBusiness) – Indiana farmer milks 2,200 cows with 36 robots

Indiana dairy farmer Brian Houin describes the benefits of using robotic milkers. Full Story


10/10/2018 (WESA Pittsburgh) – Farm Jenny Makes Wearable Tech For Animals, So The Farmer With A Day Job Can Have Peace Of Mind

A Pittsburgh startup called Farm Jenny has introduced wearable technology for farm animals similar to a FitBit. Full Story


10/8/2018 (Central Maine) – Hilton Farms in Norridgewock wins Green Pastures Award

Maine’s Hilton Farms’ use of technology to provide better cow care is a key reason it won a regional award. Full Story


September 2018

9/26/2018 (Wisconsin News) – Helping cows keep their cool: Professor, dairy farm collaborate

Rosy-Lane Holsteins is working with the University of Wisconsin to examine cow comfort techniques. Full Story


9/24/2018 (Sustainable Brands) – Dairies Resuming Home Deliveries: A Sustainable – and Sustainability – Strategy?

A “dozen or so” U.S. communities have brought back home delivery of dairy products in the name of sustainability. Full Story


9/20/2018 (Genetic Literacy Project) – Conventional dairy farms do less environmental damage than their organic counterparts

Organic farming has long been considered more environmentally friendly than intensive, conventional farming. But a study led by scientists at the University of Cambridge suggests this may not be the case – provided that more natural habitats can be “spared the plough.” Full Story


9/17/2018 (Lancaster Farming) – Robot Facilitates Young Dairy Farmer’s Future

Building a new dairy barn might not seem feasible these days, but after some careful planning, that’s exactly what Cole McLaughlin did. Full Story


9/14/2018 (MSU Today) – New grant aims to help dairy calves and farmers

A Michigan State University researcher has been awarded a $500,000 grant for his work on dairy calves and microbial use. Full Story